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Security, Fireproof Safe Ratings and Testing Standards PDF Print E-mail

Protecting removable computer media, business documents and valuables

 One of the most important decisions you will make to secure documents, data and valuables is ensuring that the safe , file cabinet or hard drive will properly protect your important information. In order to better serve the needs of our clients we have compiled a complete list and directory of fire resistance testing standards, waterproof ratings, ETL and UL listings as well as phone numbers and website links for all third party independent testing facilities. If you have any questions on a product or would like advice on which is the best fire safe for your needs, simply Call Toll Free 1-866-867-0306 today.

Links and Resources

UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories) -

UL is a trusted source across the globe for product compliance, fire testing and impact or explosion ratings

UL Certifications Directory

An online catalog of more than 110,000 products and components that are UL Listed or Recognized. The UL Online Certifications Directory is updated daily with information on UL Certifications (Listed, Recognized and Classified products) and Registered firms.

Find UL Standards for Safety

Information available includes our current catalog of Standards, pricing information, bulletins, UL scopes and more.

Omega Point Laboratories / Intertek 

The independent firm providing fire research, testing, and litigation support services. From flammability to fireproof resistance certification, Omega Point Labs tests all TL Rated Safes to the highest standards.

Western Fire Center

Western Fire Center, Inc. (WFCi) is accredited under the International Accreditation Service (IAS) Acceptance Criteria for Laboratory Accreditation (TL #180). This accreditation encompasses the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 and relevant requirements of the ISO 9000 series of standards. This accreditation means that all products including fireproof hard drives and ioSafe systems follow the highest standards in testing and quality procedures. Our knowledgeable staff has 30 years of experience in the fire testing and certification fire testing, materials testing, materials properties, ICAL, calorimeter, fire investigation, fire litigation, fire expert, fire science,