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Fireproof FireKing Two Hour Fire Safe Vertical File Cabinets PDF Print E-mail

Spec Sheet

All FireKing Vertical Filing Cabinets are UL Class 350 rated for paper documents

If you need to store computer media or external hard drives then you should look at our UL Class 125 media and data safes.

Letter & Legal Size, 2-Drawer, 3-Drawer & 4-Drawer

2-hour rated fireproof file cabinets from FireKing, like all files, fire safes and cabinets that offers, will provide a lifetime of disaster protection and trouble-free service. Each FireKing fire safe cabinet is backed by a Three Year Product Warranty and Free Replacement Guarantee. Available in both letter and legal sizes, their high drawer sides eliminate the need for hanging file folder frames, and comes standard w / a UL-listed Medeco key lock for added security.

3 Year Warranty

Lifetime After-Fire Guarantee
9 Color Choices
Powder-Coated Finish


Your Price

4-2157-2, 4 Drawer Legal
• Fits legal size files
• 1,021 lbs.
• Choose from 9 color finishes
  FREE Shipping!
4-1956-2, 4 Drawer Letter
• Fits letter size files
• 957 lbs.
• Choose from 9 color finishes
  FREE Shipping!
3-2144-2, 3 Drawer Legal
• Fits legal size files
• 651 lbs.
• Choose from 9 color finishes
  FREE Shipping!
3-1943-2, 3 Drawer Letter
• Fits letter size files
• 674 lbs.
• Choose from 9 color finishes
  FREE Shipping!
2-2130-2, 2 Drawer Legal
• Fits legal size files
• 592 lbs.
• Choose from 9 color finishes
  FREE Shipping!
2-1929-2, 2 Drawer Letter
• Fits letter size files
• 482 lbs.
• Choose from 9 color finishes
  FREE Shipping!

This file is the ultimate in fire protection. This line is an American-built insulated filing cabinet with a 2-hour fire and impact rating from Underwriters Laboratories. Made with Thermocell II, a proprietary insulation which provides twice the average protection, this vertical file adds security to any office. Choose from nine colors to match your office décor perfectly. This file is surely the style you want and the peace of mind you need.


Note: When ordering multiple key lock files, please specify if you would like them all to use the same key.



  • Two-position drawer catch allows access to certain drawers while others remain locked
  • Fireproof insulation is made with Thermocell II, a proprietary insulation which provides twice the average protection
  • Insulation between all drawers makes each one a separate insulated container
  • Field-replaceable steel panels allow for easy replacement of damaged panels
  • Drawer pulls are surface-mounted to allow for extra insulation inside the drawer heads
  • Finish is both environmentally friendly and scratch-resistant, providing a lifetime quality appearance
  • Drawer bodies are built with high sides for use with hanging folders; no additional frames are required
  • Drawer heads are formed of welded steel and filled with fireproof gypsum insulation
  • Drawer suspensions are maintenance-free and guaranteed for life
  • Drawer dimensions: 11 9/16" H x 12 15/16" W x 25 1/8" D
  • Exterior dimensions: 56 3/16" H x 18 29/32" W x 31 7/32" D


Lock Options:

  • Standard drawer locks provide general locking of all drawers through key locks
  • Optional UL-Listed combination lock
  • Optional UL-Listed manipulation-proof combination lock with special high-security locking devices furnished in lieu of standard drawer catches on the side of drawers


Optional UL-Listed electronic lock features an electronic lock's master code, such that you can easily control who has access by adding, deleting, or changing up to eight different user codes; file locks automatically each time the drawer with the electronic lock is closed; six-button combination opens the lock in five seconds or less; one million possible combinations make it virtually unpickable.


Ideal for:

  • Small Offices
  • Convenience Stores
  • Retail Safes
  • Retaurant Security
  • Access Control

Paper records, bank statements, insurance policies, birth certificates, medical records, checks, signature cards and more. For media storage protection you can visit our media data protection guide for information on DDS-4 Tapes, DLT, LTO, LTO-2, AIT, AIT-3, SDLT, Ultrium 1,2,3 tapes, cartridges, CD's, microfiche, microfilm, photos and other computer data / media storage solutions for access control or hard drives storage for your data loss prevention for your DRP or business continuity plan.

To properly protect data such as this and others like Open reel tapes, ZIP disks, JAZZ drives and discs, VXA, TK50, CD-R's, 8mm, 4mm, Mammoth you will require the UL 125 fire safe rating. This UL fire rating will ensure the inside temperature of the cabinet or safe will not exceed 125 degress F - keeping your data and media safe. For more information on data storage or media protection, click here.