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Protect Your Data and Records With Data Safes from FireKing. Imagine if your digital data sales records, tax records, customer files or insurance records were suddenly destroyed in a fire. The impact to your business would be devastating because records like those are virtually impossible to replace.

  • UL Class 125 1-Hour Fire and Impact Rating
  • Canadian UL Class 52 1-Hour Fire and Impact Rating
  • UL RSC Burglary Rating
  • Platinum Color
  • Electronic Combination Lock

Today more and more business information is being stored electronically. However, with the added convenience of computerized record keeping comes the increased risk of information being lost in a fire. Computer media backup tapes are much more sensitive to heat than paper, making ordinary fire-proof safes inadequate. Every Chubb fireproof data safe protects computer media from fire, dust, burglary, magnetic fields, and accidental damage. UL Class 125 rated. With 6 sizes and storage capacities to choose from, you're sure to find one that suits your needs.

The DS1817-1 data safe has the same interior options as the larger units, making it a versatile and economical choice. The DS1513-1 is the most compact -- small enough to fit next to a personal computer. They carry the UL one-hour fire and impact rating and are also tested and certified in accordance with VDMA 24991 in class S 60 DIS and EN 1047-1.

Is your computer media properly protected from fire?

The UL Class 125 Fire Safe Rating for media protection means the safe must maintain an interior temperature less than 125º F and an interior relative humidity less than 80%. This classification will ensure fireproof protection for any electronic media such as digital discs, CDs, DVDs, LTO or DLT tapes, portable hard drives, external disk drives, film negatives as well as microfiche. A FireKing data safe may have a 1, 2 or 3 hour UL Listing.

UL Fire Rating

The UL Impact Rating is equivalent to a fall from a
three story building.

These tests call for the media safe to be heated to 1550º F for 30 minutes then dropped onto concrete rubble from a height of 30 feet within 2 minutes of leaving the furnace. Then it is inverted and reheated for another 30 minutes. An explosion test may also be administered to certain models, which leaves the safe in a 2000º F furnace for 30 minutes. It is then inspected for heat or moisture damage.

UL Impact Rating

FireKing 3-hour data safes are engineered with additional security ratings.

A Residential Security Container (RSC) is tested to withstand 5 full minutes of rigorous prying, drilling, punching, chiseling and tampering attacks by UL Technicians. RSCs come in a B Rating (doors less than 1 inch thick and a body construction less than 1/2 inch thick) and a C Rating (doors at least 1 inch thick and a body construction at least 1/2 inch thick). Both versions are constructed of steel.

UL Explosion Rating

95% of fires have water present.

Sprinklers and fire hoses often cause more damage than the fire itself. All FireKing safes are designed to prevent water damage resulting from water sprinkler systems and fire hoses. FireKing, the best records protection you can buy, will protect your documents from fire disaster.

Water Protection

3-Year Warranty.

Data storage safes from FireKing have the best warranty in the industry. The 3-year warranty covers all mechanical or operable parts. This ensures that if a part malfunctions or breaks down during normal use, we will either repair or replace the part. Associated labor costs for the repair or replacement of these parts will be paid by FireKing for three years from
the date of purchase.


Programmable electronic lock for security and easy access.

FireKing data and media safes are equipped with a digital keypad lock that allows easy entry and access control. The 1-hour FireKing data safe comes standard with a high-security key lock and can be upgraded to the e-lock.

Lock Options

The best data protection you can buy.

For nearly 50 years, forward thinking businesses and individuals have trusted FireKing to safeguard vital records, computer media and sensitive data. FireKing safes are engineered to protect all types of media, CDs, DLT tapes, LTO or LTO-2 tapes as well as portable, external hard drives and more.

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Computer Media

All FireKing fireproof media safes are available in Platinum or Pewter.

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Optional interiors allow various configurations to meet your unique storage needs.


Inner Drawers


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